Quiver Tree Forest

If you hurry, it is an 18 hour drive from Cape Town to Windhoek.  There aren’t many places available even for camping on the northern end of the route, so I drove 12 hours straight to make it to Keetmanshoop in southern Namibia.  All of southern Namibia is extremely dry, barren and HOT.  It was over 100 F and there is no shade.  We headed for the famous Quiver Tree National Forest where we would camp for the night.

Quiver Trees, named for the quivers that local people made from their bark, are in the ALOE family, as you can tell from the familiar Aloe “leaves” on top.  The trees turn a lovely pink-bronze in the setting sun.

We had to stop along the way to take photos standing next to the Tropic of Capricorn sign, which stands at 23.5° south latitude.

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About Susan Todd

I'm Susan Todd, a professor in the Natural Resource Management program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
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